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Designer, Graphic Artist, Artist, Digital Artist, illustrator

BluedarkArt is a Graphic Designer, a Digital Artist, with Great Passion for Animals and Nature. She is Chameleonic, eclectic, and her creations are very varied, from Cartoon Characters to Portraiture, from 3D images to Ethnic Art, Abstract Designs, Patterns, and much more. She's an artist full of light, and she can also be fun, humorous, but her passion for vivid and exotic colors can suddenly turn into dark and frightening images of her Dark Side, always around the corner!... 

I've created over 4000 illustrations, 3d digital Art, Graphics, Designs on Products, for sale on my Portfolios, Shops, Art Galleries. 

Animal Art, Portraiture, Landscapes, Steampunk Art, Pop Art, Fun Cartoon illustrations, and any kind of images for any Celebration or Holidays:

Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Summer, St Patrick, Carnival, USA Independence Day, Valentine's Day, and much more!

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Hi Resolution Images to enhance Your Websites, Brochures and more, 

on BluedarkArt's Microstock Sites.



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